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Disposable PE Glove

Product name Disposable Gloves
Color Transparent
Material PE Material
Quantity 100/200 Pack
Material Daily protection, barbecue delicacies, beauty salons, restaurants and hotels, etc.

Product Description

Product Name Packing
Pumping Box 0.4g 100pcs/box*100pcs FCL 10000pcs
200pcs/box*100pcs FCL 20000pcs
Pumping Box 0.6g 100pcs/box*100pcs FCL 10000pcs
200pcs/box*100pcs FCL 20000pcs
Pumping Box 0.8g 100pcs/box*100pcs FCL 10000pcs
200pcs/box*100pcs FCL 20000pcs
Pumping Box 1.2g 100pcs/box*100pcs FCL 10000pcs
200pcs/box*100pcs FCL 20000pcs

Product Description:
Here is the disposable gloves which is made of PE material and plastic in a high quality to provide you the better protection. 
PE disposable gloves are the daily protection for restaurants, hotels and delicatessens. They are also suitable for handling uncooked food, as well as visiting beauty salons and spas. The transparent material ensures optimal visibility of your hands while working.
Light, soft and natural rubber is used in the production of this quality disposable glove. These gloves present a comfortable, non-slip fit that gives you the protection you need, while keeping your hands clean.
Stay protected with disposable gloves from our wide selection of these disposable glove types. Disposable gloves are made up of synthetic materials that can come in different designs and styles. They are used for medical, food handling, beauty salon or other applications where skin protection is needed.
Ultra-thin and comfortable design. Providing a good grip and feel, and easily tear off from the glove when doing work. Ideal for use in barbecues, cooking or baking, beauty salons, commercial kitchens and more
Our disposable gloves are made from a nontoxic, super soft PA+ material that is highly flexible. The gloves are very comfortable to wear, and offer the highest level of hygiene control for food preparation processes. They are ideal for use in restaurants, butchers, bakeries and any other food handling establishments.This disposable gloves are made from PE material, which is easy to wear and durable at the same time.


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