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Orange Diamond Pattern Nitrile

  1. High quality material. Good tensile strength and elongation.
  2. Ambidextrous, rolled wrist cuff.
  3. Unique post-processing technology, no skin irritation and allergy.
  4. Low dust generation and ionic content.

Scope of application
 It can be widely used in food processing, laboratories, dentistry, beauty industry, industrial applications, chemical operations, personal hygiene, cleaning operations, etc.

Product Description

Disposable PVC gloves Length cm Palm width (±0.2cm) Gram weight
Size of carton
(10 boxes)
Gross weight KG (10 boxes) Color
Small S 23.5 8.5 6.5 34x25x25cm 6 Blue,black,white,purple,etc
Medium M 23.5 9.5 7 34x25x25cm 6
large L 23.5 10.5 7.5 34x25x25cm 6

Product Description:
Made of high quality nitrile material, this convenient glove is great for food handling and lab work. It will keep your hands clean and safe, while the unique post-processing technology makes it free from any skin irritation or allergy. With its ambidextrous design and rolled cuff, this glove is perfect for both left and right hands.
They’re made from high quality material, have a good tensile strength and elongation, with an ambidextrous rolled wrist cuff and unique post processing technology that provides no skin irritation or allergy. These nitrile gloves are suitable for food processing, laboratories, dentistry, beauty industry, industrial applications and chemical operations.
Designed for a wide variety of applications, including food processing and industrial use, this nitrile glove offers exceptional comfort and fit. Offering the same level of protection as latex, the Diamond pattern is ideal for those that have allergies or sensitivities to latex. Made from quality material, our Diamond pattern gloves are strong and durable with minimal give for high dexterity.
This Nitrile Gloves are ideal for high-risk situations and harsh environments. These gloves have a diamond pattern on the outside to prevent grip loss, while the inner texture is gentle on hands. The only thing that may touch your skin is the soft cotton lining around the wrist area.
High quality material. Good tensile strength and elongation. Ambidextrous, rolled wrist cuff. Unique post-processing technology, no skin irritation and allergy. Low dust generation and ionic content.
Orange Diamond Pattern Nitrile Gloves are ambidextrous, rolled cuff gloves that are ideal for food processing and laboratory use. Made with a unique post-processing technology, these gloves provide excellent tensile strength and elongation.
This Diamond Nitrile Gloves feature a unique post-processing technology, which increases the elasticity of the glove. The rolled cuff provides comfort, and improved flexibility and dexterity. Tear and puncture resistance allows for extended wear, increasing worker efficiency and reducing waste.


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