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What is the difference between nitrile gloves and disposable latex gloves?

Today, the nitrile glove manufacturer will tell you about Disposable Latex Gloves and nitrile gloves. Let us first grasp the damage of latex gloves and nitrile gloves in the entire application process?
1. Differences in raw materials
Disposable latex gloves, also known as rubber gloves, are pure natural materials, derived from rubber tree sap. Pure natural latex is a microbial product. Due to different standards such as green plants, geological environment, and climate, its composition and structure often vary. big difference. Rubber hydrocarbons only account for 20%-40% of the total production, and the other production is non-rubber components and water. Non-rubber components include proteins, lipids, glycogen, and inorganic compounds, partly bound to rubber particles, partly melted in whey protein or resulting in non-rubber particles. Nitrile rubber is a rubber produced from acrylonitrile and butadiene, and is an important raw material for organic chemistry and medical intermediates.
2. Classification difference
The specifications of latex gloves are divided into powder general-purpose type and powder-free purification treatment type, with glossy surface and hemp surface non-slip. The specifications of nitrile gloves are divided into palm hemp surface non-slip, hand tip hemp surface non-slip, overall hemp surface non-slip, generally no powder.
3. Hypoallergenic
Latex gloves contain protein, which can easily cause allergic symptoms. Nitrile gloves are free of proteins, hydroxyl chemicals and harmful substances and rarely cause skin irritation.

4. Biodegradation
Both latex gloves and nitrile gloves can dissolve, which is easy to solve and is conducive to environmental protection.
5. Puncture resistance
The stretch and abrasion resistance of latex gloves is slightly lower than that of nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves are three to five times more puncture resistant than latex and must be used by dentists applying to sharp specialty tools to create a safer natural barrier when coming into contact with patients with durable nitrile gloves.
6. Scalability
Latex gloves are soft and wear-resistant, and have better ductility than nitrile gloves.
7. Cater to the hand shape
Because nitrile gloves have a single butadiene, it can become a flexible rubber, which allows the wearer to feel good touch sensitivity. Furthermore, due to its good heat transfer properties, this property provides good coordination, which is especially critical for medical professionals or those who actually handle small parts or special tools. For more gloves knowledge, you can consult or pay attention to us, we have disposable nitrile gloves, pvc medical gloves, medical gloves, and other gloves knowledge here