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Coagulation bath concentration measurement in rubber glove production

Widely used in the healthcare, food processing and service, automotive, and construction and chemical industries, rubber gloves can be made from natural rubber (latex) or synthetic rubbers such as nitrile butadiene (NBR) and neoprene (CR).
Natural rubber gloves are manufactured using a dipping technique, in which a ceramic or metal hand mold is dipped into liquid latex and then dried. The model is then dipped into a coagulation bath containing a calcium nitrate or calcium carbonate solution. Coagulants are used to enhance polymer flocculation and ensure that the latex is evenly distributed on the surface of the model.
After light drying, the model is immersed in a latex dipping tank containing complex mature latex, which is a mixture of latex and various complex chemicals. Because the concentration of latex has a critical impact on final quality, durability and product specifications, it needs to be precisely measured and controlled.
A leaching process follows, in which the model is dipped in hot water to dissolve proteins, water-soluble residues and other chemicals left over from previous steps. Proper leaching of the gloves can increase the strength of the latex film, but water must be replenished to prevent leachables from causing the bath solution to become too concentrated.

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