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What is the solution to fading of labor insurance gloves?

Labor protection gloves are widely used in life, and there are many styles and samples to choose from. They have different specifications for different uses. They have played a very important role in our lives. Among them, the fading of labor insurance gloves is also often seen. Today we tell you how to solve this problem:
1. For labor insurance gloves just bought, if you are afraid of fading, you can soak them in salt water before cleaning, about half an hour is almost the same. If it continues to fade a little, you can put a little salt every time you wash it, and it will not fade after a long time.
2. In daily life, jeans are the ones that people feel deeply, especially those with dark colors that are most likely to fade. Experienced aunties will dry them upside down when they are drying. In fact, safety protective labor gloves can also do the same. Come over to dry, avoid direct sunlight exposure, so that it is not easy to fade.
3. For some cotton gloves, in order to prevent color fading, you can add a little vinegar in daily life. You don’t need to buy good vinegar, but don’t put too much, just soak it for a while, which can not only prevent color fading but also increase Brightness.

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