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Is this how disposable nitrile gloves are used?

The fluctuating epidemic situation across the country has once again sounded the alarm for everyone's daily protection and safety. In fact, wearing disposable nitrile gloves is not only for the needs of the epidemic, but also is indispensable in many scenes in daily life.
Being able to have a variety of colors is a major advantage of disposable nitrile gloves, and the color of the gloves plays an important role in the applicable occasions. White, blue, green, purple, many colors of disposable nitrile gloves, what's the point of choosing them?
Many small partners have private messages to consult, what scenarios are different colors of disposable nitrile gloves suitable for? Now the nitrile glove manufacturers are here to announce them one by one!
White - food grade, food contactable/medical grade, can be used for medical examination
As the most common disposable nitrile gloves, white is widely used in the food industry, medical industry and daily life. But in fact, white disposable nitrile gloves are also very popular in laboratories, and their excellent chemical resistance and oil resistance can well protect hands from damage. In addition, there are also disposable nitrile gloves in the beauty industry. Wearing disposable nitrile gloves is not easy to cause allergies when touching the skin of customers. The operation of beauty equipment is flexible and non-slip, and at the same time, it can isolate hand bacteria.
Features: The disposable nitrile gloves produced by Youjia are made of excellent materials, high-quality bacteria-proof skin care, no latex protein allergens, powder-free technology, no irritation, and reduce the risk of allergies. Thickened design with high strength and tear resistance.
Applicable industries: Epidemic protection, medical industry, beauty industry, scientific research experiment, electronics industry, installation of precision electronic instruments, food industry, household daily use.
Blue - medical grade, can be used for medical examination / food grade, can come into contact with food
Blue disposable nitrile gloves are used more in the food processing industry, blue is a food-safe color, and blue nitrile gloves are more suitable for use in food than other colors.

Blue disposable nitrile gloves are widely used in the medical industry and are also a must-have for home life.
Features: The fingertip pockmarked surface design has the characteristics of smooth skin-friendly, light and thin fit, flexible operation, soft and easy to stretch, full of elasticity and not easy to break, and effectively isolates oil stains.
Applicable industries: epidemic prevention, medical industry, beauty industry, scientific research and experiment, electronic industry, precision instrument installation, daily food processing, home cleaning and hygiene, etc.
Black - Multipurpose, suitable for more scenes
Black disposable nitrile gloves are favored by tattoo embroidery, beauty salon industry.
Disposable nitrile gloves are designed with pockmarked fingertips to grip without slipping, and fit the hand softly. They are flexible and not slippery when wearing beauty and tattoo instruments, and they will not cause allergies when worn for a long time.
Applicable industries: It is also more practical in industries such as planting and picking, cleaning, cooking and baking, food processing, poultry breeding, and aquatic product processing.
Disposable nitrile gloves can be produced in a variety of colors, which can be selected or customized according to the needs of the place of use. Nitrile gloves of different colors can also help enterprises to manage color and control the processing process more conveniently.
The disposable nitrile gloves produced by Youjia Gloves are of high quality, various varieties and favorable prices. You are welcome to come and purchase.
Note: Disposable nitrile gloves must not be discarded at will after use, and should be recycled uniformly to avoid pollution.