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Why are nitrile gloves classified as protective gloves?

Whether you are traveling by high-speed rail, airport, subway station or other transportation, in addition to wearing masks, everyone will also use disposable nitrile gloves.
Why is this? Nitrile gloves manufacturers give you a brief introduction:
In order to better prevent bacteria from taking the opportunity to infect, wearing disposable nitrile gloves is equivalent to creating a natural barrier for safety protection between your hands and virus infection. It is necessary to understand that nowadays, nitrile gloves have become a medical and pharmaceutical industry. It is an indispensable arm maintenance tool in practical fields such as mechanical equipment and chemical plants.
However, nitrile gloves really came out and became widely used in 1991, nearly a century after natural latex gloves!
1. Excellent resistance to organic chemical properties and physical properties
In terms of organic chemical safety protection, nitrile gloves are resistant to pH and have excellent safety protection performance against irritating chemicals such as organic solvents and crude oil; in terms of physical safety protection, nitrile gloves have strong tear resistance, Anti-puncture, friction properties.
Whether it is in the medical device industry, laboratory applications, environmental sanitation cleaning, and automotive maintenance applications, it can ensure that hands are not damaged by sharp objects and detergents, and at the same time prevent equipment and special tools from falling off. Down, improve the safety factor of theoretical knowledge.
2. Excellent fit and softness
Nitrile gloves are second only to natural latex gloves in terms of flexibility and extensibility, with good touch, proper stretch and a good fit for both hands.
There is no discomfort after wearing, and it is not easy to collapse. Such disposable nitrile gloves are like the second skin of the body, which makes our hands very relaxed and comfortable when working.
Disposable Nitrile Gloves
3. Can memorize hand shape
Nitrile gloves are mainly composed of butadiene and acrylonitrile, because the presence of butadiene makes nitrile rubber a flexible material.
Therefore, when we wear nitrile gloves, the gloves can be easily shaped and fit well with both hands. Moreover, certain changes can be caused along with the bending of the fingers in the operation process.
For example, the corresponding wrinkles are formed at the bending position of the bone joint, which reduces the interaction force in the whole process of the continuous bending of the fingers, and reduces the fatigue of the hands. To promote the staff to maintain the dexterity of their hands when carrying out detailed practical operations.

4. Add colorful and bright colors
The raw material of nitrile gloves can be very well combined with a variety of colors, showing a variety of colors. Nitrile gloves of different colors can not only produce visual comfort, but also facilitate each processing plant to carry out responsibility management methods for employees.
And different shades can also mean the use of different industries.
For example, the more commonly used dark blue is mostly used in the medical device industry. Dark blue is used as a contrasting color for bright red, which can not only make medical workers more dedicated to cardiovascular and bloody nights, but also reasonably reduce the visual fatigue caused by bright red bloody nights. , prompting medical staff to replace it immediately to reduce the probability of feeling sick.
There are also eye-catching orange color for labor prevention warnings to avoid accidents; dark blue color for food hygiene and safety, which can quickly find damaged glove fragments in food.