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When should disposable nitrile gloves not be used?

Everyone is familiar with labor protection gloves, including cotton, latex, plastic, etc. So, what do you know about disposable nitrile gloves? Usually, it is used more in life, usually by laboratories, hospitals, car repairers, food processing plants, electronics factories and other businesses. However, many businesses and households still use disposable latex, PVC, plastic and other labor gloves to save costs. According to statistics, the average usage of nitrile gloves in the United States is 40 pairs per person, the average in Japan is 30 pairs, and only about 5 pairs in China. This gap is relatively large. At present, China has a variety of labor protection gloves. The following is a brief description of situations in which disposable laboratory nitrile gloves cannot be used. How to tell if chemical resistant gloves have failed? let us see.
Each glove usually has a usage time. The time to use organic chemical gloves should be based on the actual use situation and fully consider the natural environment.
Including the type of chemical, concentration value, touch method, habits of using gloves, usage time, maintenance time, raw materials and compressive strength of protective gloves, which can jeopardize the use of gloves.

In general, when disposable laboratory nitrile gloves have the following conditions, the penetration or penetration of the gloves can be distinguished and the use of such gloves is discontinued.
First, maintenance rubber gloves have some discoloration, especially organic chemicals that touch your fingers. The surface rubber gloves have undergone organic chemical changes and lost their maintenance effect;
The second is glove swelling, that is, the molecular structure and volume swelling of glove raw materials absorbing organic solvents;
Third, the rubber surface of the dipped glove is cracked, and the liquid penetrates into the glove;
Fourth, the gloves become obviously hard and brittle after use.
Damaged organic chemical gloves should be properly disposed of and not reused, otherwise it will not play a maintenance role and will not cause harm to the user's body.