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What are the specifications of non-woven masks?

What are the specifications of non-woven masks? Masks are generally made of 15g, 20g, 25g and 30g PP non-woven fabrics. The conventional gram weight is 15g+20g+25g, and there are also 20g+20g+25g. Generally speaking, flat masks are divided into: cotton masks , Non-woven masks, polymer masks, activated carbon powder filter masks, activated carbon fiber felt masks. Dimensions: 18×9 (adult), 15×9 (child).
Specifications of non-woven masks:
1. The size of the center part of the rectangular mask after unfolding: the length is not less than 425px and the width is not less than 425px;
2. The size of the close-fitting arched mask: the horizontal diameter is not less than 350px, and the vertical diameter is not less than 350px.
3. The nose clip is made of bendable plastic material, and the length is not less than 212.5px.
4. The size of the three-layer non-woven mask is 17.5mmx19.5mm.

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