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What's so special about nitrile gloves?

For ordinary people, disposable gloves are likely to be no different from them. Material, thickness, color, etc. are all different, no harm. If possible, it has the effect of safety protection. But in fact, disposable gloves not only have the effect of safety protection, but also have to consider different regulations. Like why nitrile gloves have to be used in many areas.
In different working environments, there are certain differences in the requirements for materials and thicknesses of disposable gloves. For example, in the technical production of meat products, nitrile gloves, disposable nitrile gloves, which are a kind of nitrile rubber gloves, are often used in direct contact with the food industry. Under many standards, because different gloves have different burdens on different dangerous goods, such as nitrile rubber hand-held walkie-talkies, the safety protection effect of benzaldehyde, hydroxy tertiary butyl ether and other medicinal materials is small, so it is not suitable for use. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for the use of disposable gloves or there are differences.

Safety factor is a very important thing for everyone, using coloured gloves in some jobs that may be a safety risk may have some warning effect and set up a few gloves as they have more colour options , so it is very suitable for the selection and use of such industries. Or choose according to your preference. Nitrile Glove Sleeves provide great dexterity and compliance, Hypoallergenic Nitrile Gloves are a reasonable option for people allergic to oak and plastic insulation boards after applying Hypoallergenic Specialty choose.
With the continuous expansion of application personnel, the types of various safety gloves will become more and more detailed, and the quality standards of mechanical equipment will become higher and higher. Due to its excellent characteristics and gradual improvement and professional development, nitrile rubber gloves will become more and more people use it.