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The use of masks also has a lifespan

The mask is used to prevent pollutants in the air. The general material is the usual 2 or 3 layers. Now the better one is the activated carbon mask. Of course, if you are dizzy or have trouble breathing, it is recommended not to wear it. Masks should be cleaned frequently, otherwise they will become a breeding ground for bacteria transmission. Generally, dust masks have their own unique lifespan. After a period of use, they should be replaced immediately, so that the protective effect of masks will be effective. .
Wearing a mask is a necessary means of protection when traveling in fog and haze. But what kind of masks can prevent smog and haze, and to what extent do protective masks have to be replaced? Let’s chat with our partners about the unique lifespan of various professional protective masks.
Professional anti-PM2.5 mask 2 days
Many of our citizens use various anti-smog masks, including professional anti-PM2.5 masks, filter masks, medical masks, and pure cotton masks. Different types of protective masks have different washing frequencies. Citizens should replace and wash masks in time, otherwise it is not conducive to respiratory hygiene.

"Professional PM2.5 protective masks such as N95, N99 masks, etc., should be replaced after two days of use, otherwise they will not play a good protective role. In addition, such masks are not suitable for long-term wear because of their good airtightness. , it is easy to cause poor breathing, hypoxia and other conditions." Citizens can choose whether to wear professional PM2.5 protective masks according to the daily air quality. If the air quality is good, you can choose ordinary masks, let alone gas masks.
PM2.5 filter mask 8-10 days
During the visit, it was found that many people choose to wear PM2.5 filter masks. This kind of mask is a filter with anti-PM2.5, dust-proof, anti-bacteria and other functions inserted inside the ordinary mask. The filter is generally disposable, and the general wearing time is 8 to 10 days (calculated according to 8 hours per day), If stains appear on the filter, it should be replaced immediately.
Disposable Mask 4 hours
In addition to the above types of protective masks, disposable masks are also more common. Disposable masks are divided into upper and lower parts. The one with the nose clip is the upper part. After wearing the mask, pinch the nose clip tightly and make close contact with the skin to prevent polluted air from entering the mouth and nose. Dust masks should not be reused disposable masks, generally should be replaced every 4 hours.
In addition, many citizens will choose to wear pure cotton masks, and pure cotton masks should be cleaned in time every day.
Zhuji Mason Gloves Co.,Ltd. said that to judge whether the mask can continue to be used, it should not only look at the change of surface color. As long as the mask is not damaged or deformed, the hygiene level and breathing resistance are acceptable, and it can continue to be used. As a daily anti-haze use, the service life of protective masks is mainly affected by hygiene, such as signs of dirt and odors on the inside of the mask. After repeated use, the mask will indeed be deformed, damaged, and the strap or nose clip will become loose, which will affect the tightness of the mask. If you find that the mask is not tight, you should stop using it and replace it with a new one.