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How to use disposable vinyl glove?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use disposable vinyl gloves:
Choose the right size: Make sure to select the right size of gloves for your hands to ensure a comfortable fit and maximum dexterity.
Wash your hands: Before putting on the gloves, wash your hands with soap and water to remove any dirt and bacteria.
Open the package: Open the glove package and take out a glove. Hold the glove by the edge to avoid touching the inside of the glove.
Put on the first glove: Hold the glove at the cuff and slide your hand into the glove. Gently pull the glove over your fingers and palm, making sure it fits snugly. Then, pull the cuff down over your wrist to cover it.

Disposable PVC Gloves
Put on the second glove: Repeat the process for the second glove, being careful not to touch any surfaces or objects.
Adjust the gloves: Adjust the gloves to make sure they fit well and allow for maximum dexterity. Make sure the gloves cover your wrists and don't have any holes or tears.
Use the gloves: Once the gloves are on, you can start using them for whatever task you need them for.
Remove the gloves: To remove the gloves, pinch the outside of the first glove near the wrist and peel it off, being careful not to touch your skin. Hold the removed glove in your other gloved hand. Then, slide your fingers under the cuff of the second glove and peel it off, turning it inside out as you remove it, so that the contaminated side is now inside the glove. Discard the gloves in a proper waste container.
Remember, disposable gloves are single-use only and should be discarded after use to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.