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Development status of disposable protective gloves

1. Overview of Disposable Protective Gloves
Protective gloves are tools used to protect hands from injury. In terms of medical treatment, it is mainly used for medical inspection and isolation protection, and is mainly used for inspection gloves, sterile medical gloves, medical X-ray protective gloves, etc.
Disposable protective gloves can be divided into disposable nitrile glove, disposable PVC glove, disposable latex glove and disposable PE glove according to different materials. They can be classified as medical grade and non-medical grade according to quality grade and use. Medical-grade gloves refer to products that need to meet the target country's medical market quality certification system or access standards, and are mainly used in medical operations, physical examinations, medical care and other fields.
The upstream of disposable protective gloves is nitrile latex, PVC paste resin, plasticizer viscosity reducer and various auxiliary materials. The midstream is the manufacturer of disposable protective gloves; the downstream is the application field, including medical industry, food industry, industrial industry, household cleaning, beauty salon, etc.
2. The development status of disposable medical protective gloves in my country
With the continuous development of my country's economy, people's consumption concepts and consumption habits are also changing, and my country's disposable protective gloves market has maintained steady growth. According to data released by the Bureau of Statistics, China's health technicians reached 10.1 million in 2019. According to the proportion of protective gloves consumed by more than 60% of foreign medical industry personnel, each person needs to use 6 pairs of gloves every day, and the demand in 2019 will reach 13.271 billion. Especially under the influence of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the demand for protective gloves by medical staff and the public has skyrocketed, reaching 16.544 billion in 2020.