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Common sense of safe use of protective clothing

When it comes to protective clothing, everyone will think of clothing that is engaged in high temperature, high pressure, high radiation, and medical, military and other special groups to provide protection. Next, I will explain in detail, what is the safe use of protective clothing? Precautions when using protective clothing? What is the correct use of protective clothing?
  1.the preparation stage for the safe use of protective clothing disposable latex glove
  Before wearing, we must ensure the suitability of chemical protective clothing, that is, whether the protective clothing is in good condition.
  Appearance inspection: Check whether the outer surface of the protective clothing is contaminated, whether the stitches are cracked, and whether the clothing is broken. For air-tight protective clothing, a special air-tightness detector should be used for regular air-tightness testing (once every six months), so that the protective clothing can play a role in emergency wear. It is very important to check before wearing. If the equipment that is considered to be safe based on experience alone is not actually safe, it may cause serious injury accidents.
  Correct size: Before wearing, you should reconfirm that the size of the protective clothing is suitable for you. Too large or too small will cause inconvenience or accidental hanging or tearing during work. Removal of sharp objects Remove unnecessary keys, knives, pens, etc. from the body to avoid damage to the protective clothing during work.disposable nitrile glove
  Choose a place: The dressing room is the ideal place to dress, if not in a relatively pollution-free environment. In emergency rescue conditions, dressing should be done in cold areas.
  Other necessary auxiliary systems Before using chemical protective clothing, it should be ensured that other necessary auxiliary systems such as gas supply equipment, decontamination equipment, etc. are ready.
  2. The wearing stage of the safe use of protective clothing
  The wearing of protective clothing must follow a certain order, which can ensure that the protective clothing is worn correctly and quickly, the protective clothing can be used at work, and the foundation for taking it off safely after use is laid. Generally, the order of trouser legs-boots-tops-mask-hat-zipper-gloves should be followed. Finally, in order to improve the airtightness of the whole system, tapes can be attached to openings (such as placket, cuffs, trousers openings, face masks and hooded interfaces of protective clothing. In order to enhance the protection of hands, you can choose to wear two layers of gloves, etc.). During the whole process, try to prevent the inner layer of the protective clothing from contacting the external environment, so as to avoid contamination of the protective clothing at the beginning.disposable vinyl glove

  3. The use of protective clothing at work
  In the process of work, it should be noted that when the chemical protective clothing is continuously polluted by chemical substances, it must be replaced within the specified protective time. If the chemical protective suit is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.
  For air-tight protective clothing or non-air-tight protective clothing with good sealing, due to working in a relatively isolated space, it is recommended to follow the principle of two people accompanying each other, that is, at least two people enter the work area together to prepare for the emergency. When a situation occurs, it can be rescued in time.disposable PE glove
  Chemical protective clothing fabrics can provide effective protection for several hours, but if an air respirator is worn, the working time is determined by the working time of the air respirator. Pay attention to the effective use time of the air breathing apparatus, and replace it in advance before the gas cylinder is used up. And when calculating effective working time, the time spent walking and changing equipment should be considered.