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Can wearing a mask really prevent allergies?

Many women are prone to skin allergies in spring, such as itching, flushing and even peeling and tingling. This is because the humidity in the air in spring increases, the air circulation slows down, and the pollen content in the air increases, which is easy to irritate the skin, and is more prone to allergies for people with sensitive skin.
Some people are allergic to pollen, so they wear Disposable Mask when they go out in spring. Wearing a mask can block pollen to a certain extent, but if it is not properly fitted, it will irritate the skin more easily.
Most masks are made of cotton. Long-term use of masks is easy to hide bacteria in the fibers, including dust in the air and metabolic wastes produced by human breathing. Contacting the skin is more likely to cause irritation to the skin. Now many girls who love beauty will also buy and use masks with fancy patterns, and such masks have more potential safety hazards.
Good resistance can resist the erosion of bacteria. Similarly, skin with good resistance can well resist the bad damage from the outside world. Mao Yueping said that in order for the skin to pass the sensitive period safely, it is the most critical to improve its own resistance.
Vitamins can be properly supplemented in spring, and all kinds of vitamins have good repair and health effects on the skin. At the same time, increasing the amount of exercise can also improve the skin's ability to adapt and help the skin's anti-allergies.

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